Kitchen Appliances

Quick View Philips-Citrus Press Juicer HR2738/00
Out of Stock

Philips-Citrus Press Juicer HR2738/00

25 W, 0.5 L, Auto Reverse, Cord Storage

Rs. 5,199
Quick View Philips-Blender HR2056/90

Philips-Blender HR2056/90

350W 1.25L Plastic jar 4 stars stainless st...

Rs. 6,999
Quick View Philips-Kettle HD9334/20

Philips-Kettle HD9334/20

2200 W, 1.5 Liter, Plastic

Rs. 6,999
Quick View Philips-Coffee Maker HD7447/20
Out of Stock

Philips-Coffee Maker HD7447/20

920- 1080 W , 1.2 L, With Glass Jug, Smart W...

Rs. 7,099
Quick View Philips-Kettle HD4646/70

Philips-Kettle HD4646/70

2400 W, 1.5 Liter, Water Level Indicator,Whit...

Rs. 7,199
Quick View Philips-Toaster HD4825/92

Philips-Toaster HD4825/92

800 W, Metal, Compact, Variable Browning Con...

Rs. 8,199
Quick View Philips-Toaster HD2637/90

Philips-Toaster HD2637/90

1000 W, Extra Wide Toaster With 2 Slots,Buil...

Rs. 10,699
Quick View Philips-Toaster HD2637/00

Philips-Toaster HD2637/00

1000 W, Extra Wide Toaster With 2 Slots,Buil...

Rs. 10,699
Quick View Philips-Onion Chopper HR2505/00

Philips-Onion Chopper HR2505/00

500W, Chopdrop Technology, Automatic Speed S...

Rs. 11,499
Quick View Philips-Hand Blender HR1603/00

Philips-Hand Blender HR1603/00

550 W 0.5L Beaker Plastic bar ProMix Chop...

Rs. 11,899
Quick View Philips-Blender HR2115/01

Philips-Blender HR2115/01

600W 2L Plastic jar With mill 5 speed and ...

Rs. 12,099
Quick View Philips-Blender HR2104/03

Philips-Blender HR2104/03

400W 1.5L Plastic jar With filter, mill and...

Rs. 12,299
Quick View Philips-Rice Cooker HD3132/68
Out of Stock

Philips-Rice Cooker HD3132/68

650 W, 2 Liter, Large Handle, Keep Warm For 4...

Rs. 12,399
Quick View Philips-Food Steamers HD9104/00

Philips-Food Steamers HD9104/00

900 W, 2.5 + 2.9 L, 1 L Water Tank, Manual ...

Rs. 12,999
Quick View Philips-Kettle HD9355/92

Philips-Kettle HD9355/92

1740-2060 W, 1.7 L, Light Indicator, Spring ...

Rs. 13,599
Quick View Philips-Food Steamers HD9125/00

Philips-Food Steamers HD9125/00

900 W, 2.6 + 2.9 + 4.1 L, 1 L Water Tank, M...

Rs. 15,499
Quick View Philips-Rice Cooker HD4515/66
Out of Stock

Philips-Rice Cooker HD4515/66

860 W, 1.8 Liter, 2-In-1 Rice Spoon, Keep War...

Rs. 17,299
Quick View Philips-Food Processor HR7627/00

Philips-Food Processor HR7627/00

650 W, 2.1 L Bowl, 2 Speeds + Pulse, Accessor...

Rs. 17,899
Quick View Philips-Rice Cooker HD3038/03
Out of Stock

Philips-Rice Cooker HD3038/03

980 W, 1.8 Liter,Keep Warm For 12 Hours, Nin...

Rs. 18,599
Quick View Philips-Electric-Grill HD6320/20

Philips-Electric-Grill HD6320/20

1500 W, Duo Plate:Ribbed/Smooth Plate, Adjust...

Rs. 19,299