Garment Care

Quick View Philips-Dry Iron HD1174/89

Philips-Dry Iron HD1174/89

1200 W,1.7 M Cord Length, 0.65 Kg, Non-Stick ...

Rs. 4,499
Quick View Philips-Steam Iron GC1430/20

Philips-Steam Iron GC1430/20

1700 W, Anti-Calc, Non-Stick Soleplate, Blue

Rs. 5,399
Quick View Philips-Dry Iron GC160/22

Philips-Dry Iron GC160/22

1200 Watts, 1.8 M Cord Length, Dynaglide Sole...

Rs. 5,399
Quick View Philips-Steam Iron GC1433/40
Out of Stock

Philips-Steam Iron GC1433/40

2000 W, Anti-Calc, Non-Stick Soleplate, Red

Rs. 5,799
Quick View Philips-Dry Iron GC185/89

Philips-Dry Iron GC185/89

1200 W, 1.7 M Cord Length, 1.5 Kg, Non-Stick ...

Rs. 5,999
Quick View Philips-Steam Iron GC2145/20

Philips-Steam Iron GC2145/20

2100 W, Continuous Steam Flow 30 G / Min, 110...

Rs. 7,599
Quick View Philips-Dry Iron HD1301/02

Philips-Dry Iron HD1301/02

250 W, 20 Cm Cord Length, Non-Stick Soleplate...

Rs. 7,899
Quick View Philips-Steam Iron GC2990/20

Philips-Steam Iron GC2990/20

2300 W, Continuous Steam Flow 40 G / Min, 140...

Rs. 8,899
Quick View Philips-Steam Iron GC2998/80

Philips-Steam Iron GC2998/80

2400 W, Continuous Steam Flow 45 G / Min, 170...

Rs. 10,799
Quick View Philips-Garment Steamer GC514/49

Philips-Garment Steamer GC514/49

1600W, 1.6L Detachable Tank, 32G/Min, 3 Steam...

Rs. 14,799
Quick View Philips-Garment Steamer GC518/29

Philips-Garment Steamer GC518/29

1600W, 1.6L Detachable Tank, 32G/Min, 5 Steam...

Rs. 16,399
Quick View Philips-Steam Iron GC3920/20  (Magic Iron)

Philips-Steam Iron GC3920/20 (Magic Iron)

2500 W, Continuous Steam Flow 45 G / Min, 180...

Rs. 17,199
Quick View Philips-Steam Iron GC3929/60 (Magic Iron)

Philips-Steam Iron GC3929/60 (Magic Iron)

2600 W, Continuous Steam Flow 45 G / Min, 200...

Rs. 17,899
Quick View Philips-Garment Steamer GC524/69

Philips-Garment Steamer GC524/69

1600W, 1.6L Detachable Tank, 32G/Min, 5 Steam...

Rs. 22,199
Quick View Philips-Steam Generator GC6733/20

Philips-Steam Generator GC6733/20

2400W, Up To 230 G Steam Boost,1.3L Fixed Wat...

Rs. 25,399
Quick View Philips-Steam Generator GC7053/29

Philips-Steam Generator GC7053/29

2400W, Up To 300 G Steam Boost,2L Fixed Wate...

Rs. 42,099